An open innovation Hackathon organised by Beta Labs, the technical club of IIIT Kottayam.


  • Should be a current student of IIIT Kottayam.
  • Team size must be 1-4 students.
  • Should use college mail ID to register for the event. (
  • Should be really enthusiastic about building things and having fun. (this one is the most important.)


  • Teams are expected to submit the link of their project’s GitHub repository, and a project demonstration video link that is publicly viewable (For example video uploaded on youtube, or on drive).

  • There must be a clear description of the project that includes: Inspiration, What the project does, Challenges faced, Things learnt, How you built the project and what’s next planned for the project if given more time.

  • The project must have a file in the GitHub repo which includes the project description mentioned above.

  • Video pitch/demonstration must be between 1-4 minutes.

  • While uploading the project, add your teammates as a contributor to the project, to submit it as a team.

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9,500 in prizes

First Prize

The team that gets the first position as evaluated by the judges.

Second Prize

The team that gets the second position as evaluated by the judges.

Third Prize

The team that gets the third position as evaluated by the judges.

The Fresh Project

The best project by an all-freshers team.

Girlscript Prize of Code

The best project by a team with at least 2 girls.

Sometimes Looks Matter

The project with the best UI/UX design.

Sold It!

The project with the best video pitch.

The Lone Warrior

The best project made by a one-person team, i.e. solo participant.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Dr. Arun Cyril

Dr. Arun Cyril

Dr. Victer Paul

Dr. Victer Paul

Dr. Ebin Deni Raj

Dr. Ebin Deni Raj

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity and Uniqueness
    Is your idea unique and has it come to your mind first?
  • Degree of implementation
    How successfully were you able to convert your idea to product?
  • Feature richness
    How rich is your product in terms of the features it provides?
  • Pitching Clarity
    Were you able to sell your idea in 2-3 minutes short video?
  • Accessibility
    How accessible, i.e. easy to use, is your product for your target audience?
  • Bonus Point
    Does your product solve an actual real world problem?
  • Disclaimer
    Evaluation would include but not limited to the criteria mentioned above.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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